At Retention Reclaim we do not believe in charging fixed fees. We are confident in our ability to return your contract retentions to you and we believe in linking our fees to how successful we are at achieving this, and improving your company’s cash position.


Our only up front charge is our signup fee of £300 + vat and this is returned to you when the first retention is paid. This charge covers the set up of your account on our systems and the uploading of all of your retention documentation to our software platform.


We will then charge you a reclaim fee of 20% + vat of the total amount of the retentions we recover on your behalf and will then credit the £300 + vat signup fee against the first reclaim fees.


So we are confident in our service, that our charging structure is geared to our success and works for both us and for you the client. It ensures that engaging us does not put any strain on your company’s finances.